You’ve heard about makeovers transforming lives, now see what 3000 balloons did for this piano!

Dubbed the “Balloon Piano”, “Rainbow Monster”, “Hairy Piano” and our favourite, “Muppet Piano”, it’s easy to see how and why this piano is an instant draw.

Placed at Marine Parade Community Centre for 3 weeks from 14th of March till 6th April 2016, people were instantly attracted to this bizarre, crazy, friendly creature that no, was not a balloon sculpture but a piano! Yes, a REAL PIANO.

But what is little known to the public is that when we first approached Club Rainbow to be 1 of 25 organisations involved with PLAY ME I’M YOURS, tucked away in a little corner within their premises, sat this originally black piano – like how pianos are “supposed” to be – shiny, glossy, pristine but… alone.

No one had played it in ages, or even at all since it was donated to them,
so long ago that the staff could not recall when exactly.

It was slated to be auctioned off after the 6th of April – decided way before the decoration process had even begun.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks before the 13th of March – The Official Launch of the project, and we receive a call from Carol, Head of Community Partnerships & Marketing.

“I know we wanted to auction off the piano… but, can we have it back? It’s just so nice now!”

Carol elaborates further, “We decided to take the piano back after a management meeting, we felt that Rainbow Monster would benefit our beneficiaries who would visit our family centre and while waiting for their parents, they could play the piano. We would also like to utilise the piano more often in our office and other programs!”

It is clear to see why they changed their minds. The transformation was astounding!

Lead by Artist Deusa Blumke, she collaborated with Club Rainbow’s beneficiaries to paint and attach more than 3,000 balloons onto the piano!

Have a look at the behind the scenes making of the piano (courtesy of Zing Media):

“Previously, the piano was located at the back of our office and hardly played. We placed it at our reception area, and visitors have been talking about the colourful piano! Our beneficiaries are also excited about the Rainbow Monster and more eager to play it.”

Now located in their reception area, Rainbow Monster is right at home with Club Rainbow’s Talent Development Program.

“Club Rainbow has a Talent Development Program where we offer our beneficiaries the opportunity to develop their talents in the areas of performing arts, visual arts and the sports. Yearly, we create the platform for our talented musicians to perform in a public concert, graced by our families, sponsors and partners. Hong Huat and Natalie are 2 recipients of the programme and have also been invited to perform for other public events. They were honoured to be part of the Launch event and Natalie was particularly awed by the number of beautifully decorated pianos!”

We will dearly miss Rainbow Monster being out on the streets but fret not! You can visit this piano and why not volunteer with Club Rainbow at the same time!

To end off, we did a short interview with Rainbow Monster for our “PIANOS OF SINGAPORE: If Pianos Could Talk” Series  a tongue-in-cheek look at the lives of these pianos!

“I always thought I was born colour blind. All I ever wore were black and whites until Deusa and Club Rainbow brought colours into my life! Since then the music from me has never sounded as beautiful.

At first I wasn’t sure why Deusa and her friends were attaching all these balloons on me, and so many! I’m afraid of balloons! and how they explode occasionally, so I was glad they weren’t actually going to be inflated! Phew!

Even though I’ve lost a few of my clothes I’m so happy to have brought so much joy to everyone! Every balloon dropped or pulled off is a little gift from me.”

Club Rainbow provides comprehensive help to children who are suffering from a range of chronic and life-threatening illnesses and also assists their families. Find out more about how you can do your part by visiting
Club Rainbow is located at Blk 538 Upper Cross Street, #05-263/69, 050538.